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I like it raw, raunchy, and lesbian

Fuck I'm sexy!
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This is a lj community for freaks to come together in celebration of their love for a certain fagmaster flash named Andrew Vives. What is it about Mr. Vives that makes him so fine? Such a hott beotch ready for anything? Is it his finely styled coif? His bodacious Puerto Rican bootay? His snazz ass mouth metal? Who can say really? One truly can not lump the hispanic James Bond of Milford, Pa into any particular genre of hottness.

He is sexay, redefined.

Unless of course you are discussing his moments of weakness: lesbian sex, chick flicks, falling in love with dykes, being the worst submissive in the history of time, taking it, and the ever famous pink panty wonder, "college girl."

I know many of you have been unable to contain your love for this flaming homolicious ball of spanish ecstasy, thus the advent of this "andy haven" if you will. But every community has to have rules. So here we go.

Da rules:

1. Andy must be mentioned at least once in every single entry. Really all entries should be devoted to this slammin whorebag.
2. Try to keep necrophilia talk to a minimum. This isn't i_lovejoshrodriguez, is it?!
3. Need to get in touch with Andy and the dumb slut is unavailable? Need to make plans with some homies for an i_loveandyvives meet up? Post it here! But don't blame us if you see that pimptastical 'fro rawkin down your block, ready to partay!

Is your asshole curious?! Do you need more latin flava in your life? Then ahoy matey! Welcome to i_loveandyvives!!

*This portion brought to you by bunnystardust...created and moderated by yours truly as well as bleedmyselfdry

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago, Andy Vives, Milford's famous male escort extravaganza, "cumming" to a town near you!

adidios folks.

adrienne and jesus, b squared, bdsm bash, being a bad ass, being beaten by eric, being emo, being whipped, big feet, boy bands, braces, car of truth, college girl, dashboard confessional, ddr, dykie, express women, fighting with mommy, gay porn, giving it, harry potter wand, having a kickin 'fro, i'll find your nemo, joe sliker, kissing like ellen's dog, lauren mihalko's breasts, leaving cell phone everywhere, looking soo good!, men, open mic night, owning 10 cds, pink underwear, puerto rico, puerto rico holla!, qaf, queer as folk, raw/raunchy/lesbian, shopping with the girls, sleeping between cullin bitches, smoking on the roof, smoking weed, strawberry blunts, taking it, tgi friday's, the ch, the crevace, ugly christmas lights, your mom